The Chosen – Getting Ready – And a Review of an Awesome Resource

This article is the second in a series on the television show The Chosen. The first one can be found here.

Life is absolutely nuts with three kids, a dog, and a house that needs a bit of love. You end up making big plans and then you’re all “this is going to be done in a week!” Look, I even put it on my calendar!

And then, one month later… you finally… almost get started.

So, my lovely wife, Jessica and I have been getting ready to watch the Chosen, but we agreed to go through an entire gospel first, as a way to start. Could we find good time to sit down and read together, in faithful candlelight while having a meaningful and moving moment with the Holy Spirit…

Heck no! The dog is eating another sock, and a kid is late for scholastic bowl… and have you taken the car in for that weird noise yet!?!

After three attempts at scheduling ‘special God time’ and failing… we did this:

I was given this audio Bible over a decade ago on CD by a really great church member who was finished with it. Throughout my ministry I have loaned out individual CD’s (look at me being old) to church members who complain that they want to get into the Bible but just aren’t readers.

And really, who doesn’t want to hear Malcom McDowell read the book of Proverbs, or have John Rhys-Daves read a passage of scripture? I’ve always appreciated this resource as a great way to encounter scripture. There are a lot off audio Bibles out there, this one is my favorite.

So we picked it up and have been reclaiming some of our ‘car time’ – a suggestion from a great friend in ministry – and it’s really been a blessing.

We are almost finished with our gospel, just need one or two more grocery runs to wrap it up!

If you’ve never tried an audio Bible then I highly recommend it.

Many of the books of the Bible were actually written with the understanding that they would be read aloud to a group. Scripture takes on a new vibrancy of meaning when it is heard rather than read.

We’ll begin our viewing of The Chosen as soon as we finish John.

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