Lord’s Prayer Devotional available on Amazon

A new devotional is available on Amazon. These 12 devotionals were originally written in 2020 during the Pandemic. I was serving a really great church community in central Illinois and daily devotionals were one of the many ways we worked to stay together. This series is a straightforward walkthrough of the sections of the Lord’s Prayer.

When Christ teaches us to pray in the gospel of Matthew, a true gift is given. We call the example prayer, that Jesus shares, the Lord’s Prayer. It’s just five verses in Matthew 6:9-13, but the church prays the prayer as a piece of liturgy, we memorize it with our children, and within those five verses you can find a fantastic outline for crafting your own prayers.

In this devotion we’ll take a look at the Lord’s prayer and discuss the value of praying it word for word, and then walk through each phrase and its meaning (so that you can use the prayer as an outline for your own). We’ll consult the surrounding scriptures, and the work of both Martin Luther and John Wesley as they study the Lord’s prayer.

God has invited you to pray, taught us how to do so, promised to be always listening, and encouraged us to start by saying “Our Father”. This prayer is intimate, profound, and has the capacity to bring about real spiritual development and life-change for those willing to study it’s simple (but not always easy) passages.

This new devotion is available on Amazon by following this link. Or you can click the picture above. This is my first attempt at formatting an eBook, if you have any issues reading it please contact me at news@drawingontheedges.com. It is my prayer that these devotions are a blessing to all who read, and we’ll continue to offer free content here at Drawing on the Edges. Thank you for your support, and please feel free to share the link or leave a review.

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