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Drawing on the Edges​

A blog about scripture, life, and the edge of the Biblical page:
where the Message ends, and we begin.

Life is lived on the Edges
God is encountered on the Edges

Right there, on the edge of the Biblical page, all the words finish neatly in a line and everything looks… perfect. But that’s not us, life is fast, frantic, messy, and unfair. It’s also breathtaking, joyful, surprising, and full of beauty.

Early Christian monks, illuminators, and artisans, understood this as they quite literally drew on the edges of their Bible. Their artwork was at times sacred and vulgar, meaningful and pointless, holy and humorous, and all at once… human. What does it look like when Holy Words meet human lives?

let’s find out together.

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Tracing the Plot of the Bible

This series of blog posts, beginning soon, will share a reading order for the Bible that focuses entirely on the plot.

The Bible tells one overarching story out of many smaller stories and this resource will put them in order. The read is no simple chronological one though, we’ll make pit stops into art, prophecy, wisdom, and letters as they also appear in scripture.

The focus will be on the plot, who, what, where and why.

Obscure Bible Podcast

A minister and pastor of 22 years examines the passages of scripture that usually don’t make it into the pulpit, the popular worship songs, or the bestselling books.

Not all passages are easily approachable, some are deeply rooted in context, others are ethically or historically complex.

What characters of the Bible, what stories, what pages of scripture don’t we know, why don’t we know them, and is there anything they can teach us?